Wednesday, 11 March 2015

An Overview of Windows Azure Solutions & Services

Since the inception of Microsoft Windows Azure Services, SMEs have been confused about ‘what is it for’ and ‘what benefits they can get with its deployment’?

Windows Azure Websites

One of the most common Windows Azure Services includes websites. By definition, a web site is the host for a web application that runs in the cloud that users can easily control and manage. Once a website is created, users can start, delete, and modify it whenever required. The best part about using Windows Azure websites is that you can access these websites as easily as you access any other website on your computer. Also, Windows Azure Services support plethora of frameworks and it includes a wide variety of prominent open source apps such as Word press, Joomla and Drupal. This feature offered by Windows Azure Services is a SaaS option where it’s easy to deploy your bits and everything else is taken care of effectively. Windows Azure Websites can be best suited in case:
  • Simple applications
  • Consistent Development
  • Porting existing websites
  • Famous open source applications

Cloud Services

Besides Windows Azure Websites, cloud services are used rapidly. You can swiftly deploy and manage multi-tier applications where Windows Azure handles the details. Develop a cloud service if you want to deploy an application with many tiers and Azure Cloud Services keeps the infrastructure and platform already maintained. Cloud based services powered by Azure can be best suited in case:
  • Multi-tier apps
  • Apps needing advanced administration
  •  Apps requiring advanced networking

Virtual Machines

Getting full control over a server in cloud is crucial and hence, you can easily do it with virtual machines. Maintain it as your business requires and select from a gallery of Windows Server with numerous preinstalled apps. Virtual machines are best suited for Windows Azure Services in case:
  • Enterprise server applications
  • Porting existing line-of-business apps
  • Windows or Linux operating systems

Mobile service

It is easy to create high-functional apps using Windows Azure.
These Windows Azure Services and Solutions are highly beneficial. The advantages of Windows Azure Services at a glance are:
  • Cloud advisory services: Roadmap and detailed plan to adopt cloud without any risk
  •  Cloud Migration and Development Services: Application development and migration rapidly
  • Advanced tools and architecture: Not much effort required due to advanced tools and architecture

There are numerous competent Windows Azure Service providers available. These companies have adopted the technology early and are uniquely placed to provide Windows AzureSolutions and Services. Besides this, there are a host of advanced tools and solutions offered for the benefits of SMEs that boosts the productivity of the Azure projects.

In a nutshell, Windows Azure Solutions is definitely a need of hour and must be adopted as early as possible by SMEs. You might consider it a great investment now, but later it can help provide maximum return on investment with multitude of benefits.
Do you think the same? Have you adopted Windows Azure Solutions and Services for your organisation yet?

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