Friday, 15 May 2015

Dedicated vs. Cloud Servers? What’s best For your Business?
 If you are a business owner and are very confused that which server you should use for your      organization- dedicated or cloud then this article is for you. The information given below will surely help you out to decide the appropriate server for your firm.
Both cloud and virtualized dedicated servers have their pros and cons, but we put together a simple comparison between the two in order to help you and your organization to assess and determine the option that makes the most sense for your security, storage and other purposes.

Cloud Server- The word cloud is new but cloud hosting is spreading in organizations very fast and is well appreciated. Cloud Servers have a number of compelling benefits revolving around flexibility that can help improve your organization’s productivity. Few of them are mentioned below:-

  • Scalability: - Scalability is the best feature which is making cloud hosting more popular.  Cloud hosting is basically a virtual real-time environment that is hosted by multiple connected servers all at once. So if one server gets down then also whole system will work seamlessly because of other servers. 
  • Performance:- With cloud, it’s very easy to scale and resize the virtual server resource, which gives the user the ability to quickly add and remove RAM, CPU, and hard drive space that is customized to the applications.  
  • Improved Business Agility and Cost Control: - With Cloud hosting you can get all this at a relatively low cost too, which is typically paying per usage. With a cloud-based infrastructure, you’re able to add and remove servers as needed very quickly. So if you are no longer using a server, you need not to pay for it. So it’s cost effective way.

Dedicated Server- Dedicated Server follows a simple protocol in which a user buys or leases a server from a provider and pays for that server’s full complement of resources, regardless of how much is utilized. The features of Dedicated Server are mentioned below:-

  • High level of security: - They are much safer and offer better performance because the connections are direct.  They also offer full control of your data management.
  • Performance: - In Dedicated servers the ability to scale resources is directly correlated to the resources available on the physical hardware. If you have a situation in which workloads and utilization are relatively constant or require permanent resources, it may be more beneficial and cost-effective to stick with a dedicated server. They can easily handle the extreme workloads.

From the above mentioned points it is almost clear that what the main features of cloud and dedicated servers are. Now it will be easy for you to choose the appropriate server for your organization that will result into better functionality. As different business organizations have different needs. Some give importance to cost and security while others give preference to performance. Workload is also key factor which must be considered because it matters a lot before deciding server for your organization.

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Facts about Cloud Hosting

Infrastructure is rising exponentially everyday, and numerous companies are running into the difficulty of simply not having sufficient physical room for their server and IT hardware. This can be effortlessly resolved utilizing a hybrid cloud option. Often, developers want a robust development and testing environment needing a mirrored server set up where the application will be running live. No matter what the scenario is, integrating a cloud hosting solution for your business requirement is cost effective for many causes.

In the current scenario, it is true that cloud servers hosting services can be rapidly configured to match your requirements, so that comprehensive testing can be executed. Once the analysis is done, turn off your server, and there is no need to pay for that service or have to purchase a large amount of IT infrastructure that will only essential to be used for a short period of time.

Advantages of Cloud hosting over normal hosting
  • In a traditional  hosting package, be it dedicated or shared, a user is limited to a single server, but in this web hosting users can manage their websites through many servers.
  • The servers used in the cloud hosting package do not need to be placed at the same data center; in fact these can be placed in different data centers located in diverse places.
  • The Cloud server hosting service is considered by many as the greatest web hosting service as it provides its user with additional flexibility, improved safety and superior performance.
  • It permits its user to expand servers as and when there is a necessity. It also provides its user with scalability and cost efficiency.
  • It allows the user to meet unforeseen changes in web traffic deprived of having to pay anything additional.
  • Another benefit of cloud  hosting is that the transformation from a normal server to a Cloud Server setup is also measured very simply.
Who can get Benefit From Cloud Web Hosting?

Cloud hosting is often a solution for websites that have expanded the resources of their prevailing shared hosting provider. If a web site is tremendously popular and causes a strain on the resources supplied by a shared server, you may need to find alternative solutions. Often this solution is dedicated hosting where your site exist in on its own server. The difficulty with dedicated hosting, though, is that it is both meaningfully more costly and needs a certain level of IT know-how. With cloud hosting, you can have many of the benefits to dedicated hosting without most of the challenges.possess a backup technique in location to make sure your systems and information are being backed up and could very effortlessly be restored in situation of corruption or information reduction.

Besides all this, web developers have special liking towards cloud hosting due to its accurate and hassle-free application platform. Web developers have more flexibility and room for innovation. For instance, it is a very cost-efficient Cloud Hosting Services. You will have optimized performance that is aligned to business and there are more available resources that will permit you to expand without incurring extra costs, overhead, and inventory. With cloud hosting, you will have the advantage of redundancy so you will have a great reduction in hardware inventory.